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2016 Marshall County Directory

September 29, 2016

Category: Community Guide

2016 Marshall County Directory

Have you ever wondered who to contact to get in touch with a particular club or organization? Have you ever had need of a certain service but weren’t sure where to go? Or maybe you wanted to buy a particular item and didn’t know if it was offered in town?

We hope that our 18th annual Marshall County Area Directory will go a long way toward helping answer those questions and many more.

Our goal with this publication is to educate newcomers, as well as long-time residents, on the many goods and services available right in your home town, and also the many opportunities we have to be part of community and fun organizations in our area.

Thanks to the many advertisers who have made a publication of this type possible. Please patronize them whenever you can. That dollar spent in town benefits a whole bunch of people.

We would like to suggest that you keep this directory by your telephone. Then, when questions arise on what is available or who to contact, it will be right there for handy reference. And if we have missed a business or organization, please let us know so we can make next year’s edition even more complete.

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