GLAD’s Purpose:

Facilitate communities’ access to resources:

  • SBDC; NESDCAP; NESDEC; NECOG; SDSU Cooperative Extension Services in Community Development; Local economic and/or community development corporations; RLC; SDREI; SDCF; Rural Development; SD Office of Tourism & State Development; Absolute Aberdeen; GOED; DSLRA; Day County Champion Community; local and county governments; SDHDA; and many more.

Facilitate regional economic development collaborations:

  • Receiving everyone’s input and ideas - from area business owners to interests and ideas of residents; the local & county governments; and even the broader participation of individuals and organizations outside our region.
  • Having open discussion about our area’s needs.
  • Working together and forming partnerships and collaborations on specific economic and community projects or initiatives.

Be a conduit for enterprise

  • A source for new or expanding businesses to get the necessary information they are looking for and aligned with the right people to succeed in our region.
  • Marketing
  • Housing

Strengthen the ability to get economic and community development initiatives done.

  • Being a contact, even a first contact, getting everyone’s ideas, networking and having broad participation. Having someone working on the program/project who is keeping everyone informed, as well as doing the necessary work to implement. We are able to use the resources around to create action.

GLAD does not replace/duplicate, or compete with any organization, program, or project, but rather facilitates coordination and collaboration amongst our partners to improve implementation of rural development that will better our quality of life in Northeast South Dakota.

Glacial Lakes Area Development

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Glacial Lakes Area Development
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Britton, SD  57430
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