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The Greater Marshall County Area and Community of Britton hosts numerous opportunities, amenities and above all else, strong support system for family and business development. We boast a high quality of life in beautiful rural America holding up our natural resources, recreation, quality education and a safe place to live/raise a family for everyone!

Here you'll find assistance for Business Resources and amenities available with the help of professional economic development staff and related organizations. Please refer to the contacts listed next for information to help you with your business and/or organizational support questions or needs.

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Glacial Lakes Area Development (GLAD)

GLAD is the regional economic development organization serving the Greater Marshall County Area assisting individuals as well as supporting all industries with business development goals. GLAD works for public, nonprofit and private entities offering various programs, education, or referrals to resource providers in the area. GLAD is known for its strong partnership capacity and statewide connections for small businesses and large corporations.

Menu of Services:

• Business Financing
• Customer Service Training
• Business Planning and Consulting
• Entrepreneurial and Start-up Support
• Expansion and Relocation Assistance
• Strategic Data, Tools Resources
• Home Purchases, Improvement and Repair Assistance
• Demographic and Competitive Information
• Technical Assistance
• Dakota Rising Fellowship program (for entrepreneurship and business owner personal/professional growth)
• Community Development
• Business Educational Events and Seminars
• Youth Engagement and Entrepreneurship Programs


Scott Amundson, Executive Director
909 S. Main Street
PO Box 231
Britton, SD 57430
(605) 448-0005
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Britton Economic Development

The Britton Economic Development organization is dedicated to serving the Britton area residents and providing support for business development. This organization has been involved in housing development, commercial property, partnering with resource providers, and working with lending programs. They work on programs and projects by way of helping and assisting small businesses to large companies realize their goals and put great effort together to meet needs. Britton Economic Development collaborates with GLAD in assistance to enhance success for everyone.


Tom Farber, President
Office: (605) 448-5150


Glacial Lakes Area Development is committed to promoting the growth of our people, our individual communities and our Greater Glacial Lakes area.

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Glacial Lakes Area Development

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Glacial Lakes Area Development
PO Box 231, 909 S. Main St.
Britton, SD  57430
Phone: (605) 448-0005
Fax: (605) 448-2687

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