On Site Customer Service Training

Bill Hanson of Centerville was quoted saying…

“Customer Service is so important to the success of a business.  Many times businesses in small communities do not have the resources to send their employees to training on the basics of customer service or hospitality.  Having the team from GLAD in Centerville was an excellent opportunity to receive professional, high level training for our local businesses.”

The presentation is a collaboration of skills and insights as to how one might blend the basics of customer service and hospitality with communication and a marketing component.  All of these intertwine into how we can connect with customers and co-workers to deliver a high quality experience and make our customers delighted and devoted.

The team has put together a program that mixes facts with humor, generational gap with communication skills and an overall package that can assist in creating a culture of customer service in the workplace.  It appeals to every age group and to both front line employees as well as owners and managers. 

Whether its focus is creating a “dynasty” of customer service or portraying “the good, the bad, and the ugly” of techniques, the material presented is fun, factual and a great way to educate attendees as to how great customer service will effect a business and drive revenues by going above and beyond customers expectations.  Developing a system that focuses on our customers and guests is critical in sustaining small businesses and enhancing our state’s tourism opportunities. 

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